About Me


My Name is Maggy. I am 23 years old and a big dreamer. I often wonder where my road is gonna take me and eventually I am sure I’ll figure it out. Right now everything seems to change so rapidly from one day to another and it often becomes a little much, leading me into yet another identity crisis, kind of. But they usually don’t last very long and I learned, that I have to reinvent myself everyday in order to keep moving forward and to achieve my goals.

I’m lucky enough to be inspired by incredible people and I want to give back! I want to share my journey, my ups and my downs and maybe I can change the world a little bit, maybe I can leave a sign that says “I was here”.

For those that like numbers and facts:

Birthday: 23.04.1996

Age: 23            Hight: 1,74m

Eye Colour: Changes but mostly Brown or Greenish/Greyish

Hair: At the Moment a light Brown but naturally a very light Blonde

Current place of Living: Germany (near Frankfurt am Main)

Job/profession: Student at Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz (Bachelor in Journalism, Music and in Sport and Sport Science)

Hobbies: SPORTS, Theatre in every form, Dancing, Blogging, Writing, Reading, Drawing, Bingewatching, Spending time with my friends, Horses

Sports: Triathlon, Road Cycling, Track Cycling, Dancing, Lacrosse, Artistic Cycling, Athletics, Gymnastics, Tennis and Horse riding


Some random  facts about me:

1 – Loud. Very Loud.

2 – I love writing, always have. Books, Poems, Prose, Slam Poetry – whatever crosses my mind. It’s my way of dealing with things and figuring out how I feel.

3 – I’m in a hate-love relationship with ironing or folding clothes away

4 – I love love love me some Disney!

5 – Tea + Chocolate = Love

6 – I’ll probably never grow up, even if I seem like I have. But recently I’ve been working very hard to be taken seriously and maybe eventually I will have grown up but I will never loose the child in me.

7 – Excessive Bookworm

8 – 12 is my favourite number and 30 my lucky number because I play with a 30 on my Jersey

9 – I’m afraid of Spiders, people who cough or sneeze on trains/near me, bad music and dying alone without leaving my mark

10 – I was trained in singing classical music since I was 10 and in musical theatre since I was 14.

11 – Dreamer.

12 – Always buzzing with new ideas and projects

13 – Not a morning person.

14 – Really not a morning person.

15 – A cup of coffee is like a warm hug in the morning.

16 – Professional goofball. Always. Occasionally falling up and down stairs.

17 – I play the Cello since I was 4 years old and the Piano since I was 6 (not good at the last one though) and I sometimes wish I had more time to practice both more.

18 – So far I have some small Tattoos with a lot of meaning but I’m planning on more.

19 -I tend to load myself with ideas and projects which gets overwhelming sometimes but  I try to model through and keep my life busy because thats how I function.

20 – I worked with horses for 2 years and did my Abitur (A-levels) afterwards.

21 – I dream of one day holding my own book in my hands.

22 – Family and Friends first, everything else second!

23 – I love me some spiritual time and time to just be in the moment.

24 – The theatre and especially the stage are my happy place. I’d love for it to be my future as well.

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