The joy of sport has been in my life since I was a little child and my mom thought me how to ride a bike. Ever since I have done at least one form of if or another. The past years my view about sports has changed though. I’ve gone from wanting to do everything at once to enjoy the little adventures and be healthy.

Since I’m spending a lot of my time at my desk studying, my goal is not to be the fittest on earth, but to get back into physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. For that I am doing yoga, (dance) cardio workouts and some other random stuff that gets mixed into the pot. My main love are bikes though! I’ve loved any kind of bike for all my life and I’m trying to focus more only that. Running, Swimming, Playing Lacrosse or even Tennis from time to time keeps my energy levels high tough and I enjoy it a lot! (Maybe not the running part… not much of a runner right now)

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