About Me

Maggy Ewig

  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: 23.04.1996
  • University Student @JGU Mainz – Bachelors of Journalism & Musicology
  • Hight: 1,74m
  • Eye Colour: Changes, mostly Green/Grey
  • Hair Colour: Brownish

Top 5 Sports:

  1. Cycling (any kind)
  2. Football
  3. Cheerleading
  4. Lacrosse
  5. Triathlon
  6. Surfing and Swimming

Favourite (Pop) Artists [right now]:

  1. Halsey
  2. Fynn Kliemann
  3. Sia
  4. Fletcher
  5. Kontra K

Favourite Composers:

  1. Brahms
  2. Bruckner
  3. Mahler
  4. Grieg
  5. Wagner
  6. Fanny Hensel

Who am I?

My Name is Maggy. I am 25 years old, a University student and someone who reinvents herself every day. I love theatre and music with all my heart, yet I’m a lover of sports as well, especially bikes of any kind. My recent crushes include football and cheerleading.

On here I want to share my journey, my adventures but also my struggles to look back one day and remember that I indeed lived my life to its fullest every day.

Some random facts:

*I love writing, always have. Books, Poems, Prose, Slam Poetry – whatever crosses my mind.

*I’m afraid of Spiders, people who cough or sneeze on trains/near me, bad music and being forgotten when I die

*I dream of one day holding my own book in my hands.

*Family and Friends first, everything else second!

*I love spending time in nature.

*Excessive Bookworm

*Always buzzing with new ideas and projects

*A cup of coffee is like a warm hug in the morning.

*Professional goofball. Always. Occasionally falling up and down stairs.

*I’m in a hate-love relationship with ironing or folding clothes to put them away


School and Training
(2002 – 2017)
I went to school in my hometown and the neighbouring towns. Before I did my A-levels (Abitur) in April 2017, I trained as a stablehand for 2 years.

University Student
(2017 – now)
I am studying Journalism and Media Communications (Publizistik) with Musicology (Music History and Music Science) at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz. For a while I had a double bachelors with sports and sports science but I let that go last year. I am currently in my 6th Semester and am planning on doing my Bachelors Degree next Spring or Summer.

Music Education
(1999 – now)
Cello: I started playing the Cello because my dad was in the Orchestra of the National Theatre Mannheim and thought me from age 3 up. I still love it and play from time to time but more for my own pleasure or projects with friends than anything else.

Singing: When I was ten I started taking lessons in classical singing but switched mainly to musical when I was 16. Though I got back to classical singing for my A-levels exams, I stopped taking lessons for a while but continued to sing in church. Throughout my school years I’ve sang in various choirs, but right now I’m trying to focus more on myself and started taking lessons again in March (and then Corona happened).

Piano: I used to play for a couple of months every now and then as a child but was never any good at it. I’m still not at a point where I say I can play but I started practicing and taking lessons again in February as well. Maybe one day it won’t sound like a 5 year-old is playing…

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