8 critical tasks

I have been bullet journaling for several years now and I adapted it every so often to fit into my schedule, to accommodate my needs and what I wanted to get out of it. My recent addition was to separate my appointments from my bullet journal. A difficult task that took me a while to decide on because the original plan was to have everything in one book. But then I also had my notebook and I noticed that I didn’t really use the daily sections of my journal. So this year I have a calendar for appointments, a notebook for all my ideas and thoughts and a bullet journal for trackers, logs and stats.

But I felt like I was missing something. And that something mainly relates to my To Do’s. Right now they are scattered all over the place and even though I have a master list it all kind of seems overwhelming sometimes and it’s become really difficult to start. But while researching for my latest documentary project, I found a video from Peter McKinnon on the benefits of the “8 critical tasks”. Those are the tasks you set yourself for one day and you try to make them bitesize so you can actually accomplish them. I have not tried something like this before but I’m kind of exited to use the space I have in my bullet journal for exactly that. Maybe it will motivate me to actually do the things I want.

Similar to Peter McKinnon I do have so many Ideas and Things I want to do – it’s really hard to focus or even get around to doing those Things. ‘It’s almost like being stressed out by the pressure I put on myself for wanting to do the things I am passionate about and things I love to do. So instead of just starting to do one thing, I do nothing. For days. It’s become really frustrating.

And so today (though it is a Friday and my OCD wants me to wait for a new week – got to get rid of that habit by the way) I am starting with the 8 critical tasks. And yes, it is already afternoon but I think one can do a lot in just a couple of hours. The tasks will just need to be a bit smaller but in the end they will get my just that tiny bit closer to where I want to be and that’s much better than doing nothing at all.

So today’s tasks include (but are not limited to):

One I can cross off in a second. The others I will try my best to accomplish. The overall goal is to have a 100 day streak – something that feels very daunting at the moment but as someone said in the video: You have to life with the consequences of your doing.

So letz fetz.


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