#The NewNormal – Day 5

The laziness has got to stop

Ok so to be honest, yesterday has been kind of a low day and of course I didn’t get anything done. It’s got to stop. I’m usually this highly motivated, energetic person that just gets shit done because I want to be someone and go places but the past day the lack of structure ahas turned me into this lazy mess that does nothing besides play stupid games on her phone and eat. Well and the occasional walk outside. But that’s got to stop! Well not the walking and hiking that’s actually been an improvement. So I’m throwing everything overboard and I am going to establish a new routine, new structures and a new system. This is gonna last for at least till my birthday in April so I might as well get moving to improve.

Like many wise people have said before: I can’t change the situation I’m in but I sure as hell can change how I’m dealing with it. So today I’m making  plan!

Granted – it’s already midday but it’s not to late to make a schedule. Not just vague goals and tasks but a schedule I can stick to.

Then again I went to the store to get some things we ran out of like flour and there was none there! I went to three different stores – all out of flour! Damn people! Nobody in this freaking town is baking their own bread besides me – why start now? So I’m hoping to get flour on Monday – otherwise we won’t have freshly baked anything… And if there ever was a time baking as a stress relief comes in handy it is now. So let’s hope people turn sane again and realise that they don’t need a cellar full of toilet paper and flour – though I’m sure that combination will keep you alive till 2050… or at least you bum clean.

*Sarcasm off – turning serious again…

I’ve had a really nice talk with my mentor Sarah yesterday about how all of this affects us on such a personal level that we feel stuck. But both of us are list-makers and so I’m gonna make lists. Not just a daily schedules but actually lists of things I want to achieve till my birthday – like finally start learning Italian and prepare that damn exam.

I never thought that social distancing for me would be so hard. I’Ve never been the person to go partying or something but I always tried to connect with people. It kind of kept me sane and now it’s weird only talking to friends on the phone. Hearing their voices though is quite nice for a change but it just can’t compare to the talks we have face to face. Yet the smallest messages from people brighten my day and make me feel connected again, especially if I didn’t expect them.

Weird times we’re living in right now. But hey – we are alive and we learn to appreciate things we never really thought of. Like hugs, working with people, a smile, having work and of course having a purpose. So my focus for the weekend is to get my Purpose back. Whether it is writing, singing, creating or learning new things.

Let’s do this! Let’s kick butt (In this case my own…)

PS: I’m wondering if I should start doing youtube videos again… Opinions?

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