#TheNewNormal – Day 4

Deep thoughts and a rush of positive energy

Yesterday I read a blog by an opera singer from Mannheim (click here for her post) and I was moved to tears. She is Italian and describes how the situation there is. People are dying and still a lot of Germans don’t take the situation seriously. People go outside to meet up for parties or drinking, not caring if they infect others. For them it’s just the flu because they are young and healthy, but what they don’t get is that for people with underlying disease or elderly people it is life threatening! I see so much support on social media for other people, I see communities coming together to support each other and help those who are in the high risk group! Yet those who still sit in cafés and restaurants, those who still go to social gatherings, those who chose to risk the life of others, they make me really sad.

Since this Pandemic started there have been tons of good news though concerning the environment. Have you realised for example that there hasn’t been a rainy day since all of this started? That the sky is blue and the air fresh? That the bees are buzzing and spring has continued without us? Nature is breathing again because there are way less planes in the sky, barely any tourist ships and cars on the street polluting the air with CO2 and less garbage.

I look positive into the future because I choose to. I just talked to my aunt in Zurich about how all this might lead us into something way bigger. I hope she is right. And concerning my beloved theatre she told me to keep my head up, practice the things I usually wouldn’t have time to and eventually if I stick to all this positivity, this passion and urge to do something great even through bad times, I will succeed.

A certain soprano told me that I should do what I think is right for myself, what inspires me anew every day and what makes me burn with passion. Life is going to do everything else. I have never believed her words more than in this moment. Everything is going to fall into place. My best friend says it’s a decision to welcome and embrace each day so starting today I choose to stay positive.

Which also means I’m cutting off the lazy me. Gotta be honest with myself – the past days I’ve not been doing much besides my bullet journal and eating and going on isolated walks or hikes with my dad. Granted I’ve had the sniffles and have not been feeling too well (NO NOT CORONA, I’ve had the sniffles brewing for more than 3 weeks!) but today is the first day I actually feel better. So maybe if I want to stay positive I should start being the productive person I wanted to be since the beginning of this quarantine. Goal for today is to get my butt moving and finish the tasks from the past days. Tasks include practicing the piano as every day, doing some light voice exercises so as to not strain my vocal chords (my throat was sore until yesterday) and to FINALLY finish the task of putting my clothes away, sorting through them and doing my laundry. Plus it’s Friday so I need to clean the bathroom and tidy and clean my other rooms as well.

Yikes that was a long and deep post. But I had to get it out somehow. Now washing machine here I come, the Wonder Woman of laundry (at least for today…). – I promise it’s just too much energy…

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