#TheNewNormal – Day 2 & 3

Since my post yesterday didn’t upload due to the internet going into strike I’m combining the two of them now.

Yesterday was kind of a good day considering everything that’s going on. I asked my dad if he wanted to go for a hike in the hills like we used to do as a family every Sunday and he actually agreed. There weren’t many people and nature was just beautiful. It felt good to do something and I had a really lovely time reconnecting with my dad since we usually just fight. I wish my motorbike was ready but I’m still in lack of a battery so I can’t just drive there whenever I want to. We’ll see how long I’m allowed to drive anywhere anyways. When I went to go for groceries it annoyed me how many people don’t take this damn virus seriously. I still see a lot of young people hang out in groups, not caring if elderly people get sick. I get it – it’s hard to stay in and I had a really good talk with my voice teacher about it yesterday. We all feel the ups and downs now on a daily basis but we need to find our way through it and come out of it safely.

So my main task yesterday was to figure out which things I want to sing for my qualifying exam. Right now I feel like I’ve got one half secure and the other is still somewhere up in the air. But I’m a lot closer to finding out now that I talked to my teacher and there’s still 10 days left. We won’t do lessons for a while which is really sad but I completely understand and agree that safety should come first. For me that means my goals for yesterday were of course to practice piano and get comfortable with my Italian and French for the arias we’ve picked. But I also wanted to do something for myself and since we’re nearing the second quarter of the year and I’ve just gotten my new calendar for the next quarter, I decided goal number three on that list is to start my new journal.

Today I want to continue the journal but I decided to switch tasks and goals. So my tasks are to finish my journal, to get my dishes and bottles and Tupperware in order and to practice that piano piece so it will finally stay in my fingers… My goal for today is again my washing and my clothes. I did not finish them on Tuesday because I felt very lazy but I’m very intent on doing it today. One of the perks of this virus is that nature seems to be able to finally breathe. The sky couldn’t be more blue today and even a bee has found her way into my room as I am writing this. The birds are chirping outside and the air for once is fresh. Maybe this time out is not the worst that could have happened. I’m very sad when I think of the theatre and the arts that were hit so hard and all the freelancers and small businesses that are struggling now. But maybe we also learn to support each other more and go away from consumerism and greed.

I actually felt the urge to visit my grandpa today (which I’m not doing of course because I don’t want to risk his health), but with all this free time I feel like I want to reconnect with my family and friends more and this is one hard thing to do when you can’t see each other or hug each other. Let’s hope we’re all out of the gutter sooner rather than later. For physical connections, the arts, theatre and all the people struggling out there.

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