#TheNewNormal – Day 1

So since my lovely theatre bubble, which I’ve been in for the past 2 months, burst at the end of last week I feeling a little bit lost. I had an established routine, a day filled with things to do and even found the time to prepare for some things that will hopefully still happen in July. I was surrounded by people who gave me courage and inspiration, confidence, strength and thought me so much more than how to be a good assistant director. Now that I’m on my own again I don’t really know where to start. So much has happened in the past week and it can all become a bit overwhelming when you think too much about it. So this morning I decided that for each day I’m going to give myself a task and 3 goals I want to accomplish plus the daily blog post update. And I challenge you to do the same! Stay at home and distance yourself socially to help prevent a further spread of this stupid virus but also stay healthy, fit, active and keep your mind occupied.

My main task for today is CLOTHES.

I’ve been very neglecting towards my washing and my clothes due to the very small time frame I actually had a t home. So today I want to tackle all the washing that’s way overdue and as much as I hate it I want to fold and put away all my clothes that have been sitting in several laundry baskets for quite a while. And because I now have the time I also want to continue to sort through the clothes I have and see which ones don’t fit anymore, which ones I don’t really wear and which are gathering dust because I just didn’t see them at the back of my closet.

It’s quite a big task but the sun is shining and I’ve opened all my windows to let the fresh spring air in so I feel confident to get at least some things done.

My goals for today include:

  1. practice piano
  2. practice Despina Aria
  3. drink more water

I’ll update this blog as much as I can to keep myself and hopefully some of you guys out there motivated to use this time to reboot and to find reasonable things to do.

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