From My Point Of View #1

The past months I’ve been rather quiet – not just around here but on social media in general. Maybe because the summer semester put quite a strain on myself and I’ve hit a couple of brick walls in my personal life. In order to reroute and figure out (again) who I am and who I want to be, I took a break and just did what felt right for a while rather then putting something out there that is not 100 percent me.

Silvia Plath wrote in “The unabridged Journals of Silvia Plath”:

“I am still so naive; I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please, don’t ask me who I am”

So I guess in the process of finding and reinventing myself every day I will change and so will the content on here and on social media as well. I do not want to make money with this blog or with my social media, it is purely for me to exercise my creative side and to let of some steam. I’m gonna try and be unexpected but true to myself which will probably end up being a little chaotic but as long as it is me, I’m ok with it. 

So here is a little bit of pure me on a everything than regular Friday afternoon. Let’s call this segment “From my point of view”:

The first of November hit me like a slap in the face. For some parts of Germany it is a bank holiday so I actually did not have University today. Yesterday I was really motivated to get stuff done and even started cleaning up the kitchen. My dad comes back on Sunday and I want to surprise him with a new bookshelf in the basement. Right now a lot of his history novels are stacked up in boxes because my books took up so much space and with all the music literature my mom gave me from her studies for my studies I had to make room on the shelf in the upstairs living room. A little selfish, I know but these are actually the books I use frequently to look something up or help prepare my studies. 

Now that was kind of a nice plan but I got my period yesterday and it kind of knocked the wind out of me. Somehow I can not comprehend why nature has to be so cruel. So today I woke up with tummy and back cramps. Going to physio was a struggle and it took so much out of me, that I just fell back into bed afterwards with a hot water bottle front and back. Sleeping made it much better but I do not feel like I will be achieving much today. Though I did make lunch instead of getting take out and I even made a pudding for dessert and tomorrow. Is it just me or am I the only one always making too many noodles and homemade tomato sauce? And the things you want to have more of – like pudding – are not nearly enough. 

Anyway, the goal for today is probably to finish creating my new calendar/bullet journal and watching marvels agents of shield as I draw. It almost feels like a Sunday to me. That is a good thing though, because besides being in pain most of the day, I feel like I need a study break. I was not as motivated in university matters as in the beginning of the week and I would really much like for that to come back. So a study break will probably do me a lot of good. Tomorrow is a new day and I guess I can still achieve everything I want to when I’m not knocked out by my own body. Such a traitor…

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