Being Real.

It seems like we want too much a lot of times. And when we stop, suddenly the world keeps spinning without us and we realise that all we need to do is take one step at a time and surely enough we will get there. I had to learn that during the past months. It wasn’t easy and I am certainly not there yet but I feel more content with the knowledge that things will work out in the end. Maybe not always the way we have anticipated, yet how it was meant to be.

I had this whole 5 year and beyond plan worked out at the beginning of the year and as much as I love the idea of doing things with purpose and working towards a goal, I have to accept that there is no chance in hell everything will work out exactly that way. Don’t get me wrong – planning ahead is good and healthy, though you have to understand, that you have to let go of the idea of a perfect plan most of the times in order to move forward. As for University I accomplished more this semester than I did the past two and I think my work ethic as well as my end results will keep on improving. And there’s the but: Some things are out of my control and most of the times too many things at once only end in nothing being done to the extent I would have been capable of if I would have only done one thing in the first place. So the plan for the coming semester is to focus. Focus and prioritize. It starts with university and ends with my social life. I can’t please everyone and the person I should think of first of all is me.

Actually, it sounds quite selfish. But I guess when you are the kind of person that runs at the word go to help others, you need to be selfish from time to time. It took me quite a while to accustom to the thought that you can’t save everyone. You have to let go to move on and if others are not ready or can’t take what you’re offering walk away and don’t turn around. We can’t live in the past and we certainly can’t live in the future, that’s what I’m taking away from this first quarter of the year. What we can do is be in the present and enjoy every moment given to us. Contentment is so important for our soul and heart. Contrary to everyone wanting to achieve happiness I’m completely fine with being content. I don’t want to depend on things, people, places or events to make me happy. It’s nice if they do but rather than depending on that I’d like to just be content with where I am right now. And apparently this only works when I stop doing a hundred things simultaneously and instead focus and prioritize. So I’ll be doing just that. Maybe I’ll write blog posts if I feel like it again, maybe I’ll do videos and maybe I’ll upgrade my social media. I’m certainly focusing on one subject instead of three this semester, on one sport instead of four and on the life I am living right now instead of the life I would want to lead because in the end those two things become one when we are real with ourselves and move forward instead of fantasizing of the idea of something that’s never going o happen if we don’t move.

Today I’m real and I’m glad to life in this moment on this beautiful planet. Appreciate the things given to you. You won’t get another life. Be real. Be content.


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