September Recap

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of   summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summers ghost.” – Henry Rollins


This September almost felt like a mirror to a wonderful summer of coaching kids, tan lines and new experiences, but also to change, reflectiveness and a nagging feeling of not being enough. I should – well I do – know better than to dwell on past things and moments turned memories which is exactly why I’ve been starting to work on my own goals again. Yet September has left me expecting and wanting to be more of the person I’m trying to be for so long. #efficiency

IMG_7702IMG_7731Which is exactly why I’m glad amazon uploaded the second season of “The Bold Type”. The Series follows Sutton, Jane and Kat, three strong, independent and successful Girls in their mid- twenties and their complicated love life as well as the bumps on the way up. Since the Show is placed in the midst of a Magazine I felt as if it was written especially for me. I’d like to be a combination of Sutton, Jane and Kat please! And I realised what I lack in fashion sense I might be able to balance with social media skills (I hope). Now as for the writing skills – that is for you to judge. But with new confidence and a creativity boost I feel refreshed and am glad September brought me back some of that energy I felt I had lost.


High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco, Thunderclouds by LSD feat Sia, Diplo and Labrinth, Jackie Chan by Post Malone and others I can’t pronounce and Natural by Imagine Dragons have been in my ears constantly, interrupted by G-Eazy’s album the Beautiful and Damned which I rediscovered after having it on standby for a while.

September was also the time to return to the classics as far as books go. I have re-read Oscar Wildes “A woman of no importance” and “A house of Pomagranates” as well as the First Harry Potter book. A couple of children’s books have been on my list as well for research but I’m keen on returning back to my beloved Tess Gerritsen thriller.

As I have mentioned more than once before I have absolutely no sense of fashion so my favourite outfit this September consisted of a variation of Sports Shorts (alternatively with Leggins or Capri Tights) and Sports Top. If I felt fancy you might have been able to catch me with a nicer shirt or blouse and skirt but most of the time I preferred comfortable and functional to fashionable in September.

On a side note – the NFL has started again and I can’t wait for all the GB Packers Games I’m going to watch. Just need a new Game Pass now…


The Lacrosse Season and with it the Division Games have started again as well nwith our first game mid-September. It was probably the last time to wear the game-skort without long leggings underneath it and I thoroughly enjoyed the last rays of summer. And on time for beginning of October it suddenly turned cold. Just like that I had to look for my Jeans, Sweaters, Jumpers, Cardigans and the second blanket again. The issue of fitting comfortably in last Winters clothes should not be on the agenda this year but unfortunately it is an evergreen. Chances for the Problem to be solved are in sight though. I didn’t work out a lot this month due to some knee and foot issues. But if I’m honest I could have done more even with the injuries. But I simply didn’t feel like it. September was kind of my Off-Season and now that Lacrosse is getting more prominent next month I might get some new motivation to work out. How fitting that I’m ending this month with an international Lacrosse Tournament in Belgium.

IMG_8020Off Season should have probably been the header of this post since it refers to almost every aspect of my daily life this month. The summer semester wasn’t as challenging as it should have been and besides the reorganising flash I had at the start of the month I basically did nothing much. Some paperwork, but somehow I can’t work properly when I don’t have a busy schedule. Other people would call me crazy for referring to my daily life as lush but that’s how it felt. Sleeping longer than I should have, watching a lot of TV and chilling on the couch, spending a lot of time with Leo, playing games on my phone, reading and going to bed around midnight on a daily basis proved not to be the best Lifestyle for me. IMG_8017It sparked my creativity though and I guess that taking this break proved to be the best thing I could do to be reenergized and bursting with new ideas. Now I’m really looking forward to putting some of them into action and to busy days at University.


What I have been doing a lot though is coaching kids. Kids on Bikes, Kids on artistic cycling bikes, kids with Lacrosse gear. The latter just started a couple of weeks ago but they have already warmed their way into my heart and I guess working with kids, coaching them and showing them how much fun sports is has somehow become my save haven. My cycling kids demand a lot but I am willing to give as much as I can because I see how they get better every day and how much joy and laughter they give back to me. Doing honorary work is something I always new I would do. Maybe not to that extend but I’m happy at the turnout and though September proved to be a logistical nightmare I realized it’s probably going to be nothing compared to next month.


I feel like I have grown and changed a lot this summer mind-wise, most of all this past month. Hopefully most of it is going to turn out good, but who knows for certain. What’s certain though is that I gained wonderful people of whom I’d never thought I would have the honour of being friends with. Makes me feel less lonely and less scared of the future.

“But now in September the garden has cooled, and with it my possessiveness. The sun warms my back instead of beating on my head… The harvest has dwindled, and I have grown apart from the intense midsummer relationship that brought it on.”                           – Robert Finch



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