The ever growing Wishlist or – Equipment War 2.0

As a triathlete, Lacrosse Player and Person who does sport in general we tend to look at the Pro’s equipment and get huge eyes with hearts in them – kind of like the emoji. It is only natural for us to want all of that fancy equipment as well – wheater it’s a bike, Stick or just a pair of really nice looking workout pants or tights. But naturally we can’t all spend thousands of Euros on Equipment, especially when you are a student, and to be perfectly honest with ourselves – a pair of tights doesn’t make us run faster than a 10 euro pant from Decathlon. 

Now, for my new bike I got really really lucky. The bike shop in which I work (for free) two to three times a week provided the bike for me. Partly as payment and partly because I’m good friends with the owner family and I generally meant it when I started to work there for free. I didn’t expect anything of it other than having a good time and learning a couple of new things about bikes so I can repair mine (considering I’ve got a few and I don’t always have a bike shop near when I’m traveling). When I saw the Cervelo P2 I got exactly that lovesick-puppy expression on my face and when they told me I can take it for a spin if I want to I was beyond happy. The shop has always supported bike sports and our club but to support me personally on my road to building an existence with documenting my sports journey in Triathlon, on the Cycle Track and on the road with race bikes takes it to a whole new level. They provided the bike for me and I am eternally grateful to be having such a generous sponsor. 

But for everything else? I still have to save up money, hoping that one day I can afford the fancy bike shoes, helmet, race suit or Lacrosse Stick. But do I really need new gear when the old one works just fine? I was contend with the things I have (which is still more than others have) and sure I din’t need to buy new stuff for a while – except a helmet maybe… my old one broke this morning; but getting such a shiny new bike, such a machine – it makes you want to lift everything on this level. 

So naturally I was surfing the web for new equipment I don’t need and really can’t afford. I’m somehow glad my student loan is late and I couldn’t order from amazon. Amazon is a dangerous place. Anyway, as I thought about how to tackle the equipment problem that’s entirely in my head I remembered what I told one of my bike girls in one of the first training sessions – it’s not about the equipment and how it looks. It’s about what you accomplish with it. A bike – not matter which – you still have to ride. It may be a little easier but for a hobby athlete isn’t it completely irrelevant? Now I’m in the lucky position to have a nice new bike but I still have to show that I can do a Triathlon. The bike is not gonna do the Triathlon for me. 

Realising that I think I will write the things down I would like to have and every time I finish a session and feel really good about it, like I accomplished a lot that day I can put 5 Euro in a Jar. Every time I get better or loose weight – 5 Euro in the Jar. That way I have motivation to get better and at the end of the day I can reward myself for getting better with new things but if I don’t get better I surely don’t need all those things in the first place.

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