Monday Motivation #23

Good Morning Crew! After this mornings Yoga Routine I feel very energised for this week, though I decided not to participate in the 2 sports exams that are being held this week due to my bike accident and my arm that is just not ready to do gymnastics or weight lifting. This means I won’t be studying sports until next April but to be completely honest, I don’t mind too much because I want to focus on my Triathlon and bike season this summer and finish as much of my Journalism studies this winter as I can so I can focus on Sports studies in the summer.

This morning I decided to race the Triathlon in Viernheim this year as well because I don’t have the money to travel to Austria to race the Challenge Walchsee. I will update you on my competitions and races on my instagram soon, so stay posted!

As for this week I’m focusing on swimming and towards the end on running. I still don’t know how my arm will react to this but I’ll try to stick to the schedule as much as ‘I can without hurting myself. I will try to go to LAX practice as well since I couldn’t last week because I couldn’t even hold anything properly with my right hand.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 12.09.54 PM.png

I haven’t done a long run in quite a while but munchkin is gonna ride on her bike with me so I will eventually have to give it my all. I am really bad at running longer distances at the moment. I’d rather run 5x1km intervals than 5k in one go. I’ts probably just a head thing but I really really need to work on that and I really need to do some bike/run combined practices! But that is for next week 😉

I hope your week is going to be a good one! Let me know what you plan to do or if you are tagging along with my plan. Stay focused on what’s important to you! Be Good, Do good, Receive Good! Cheers


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