Monday Motivation #22

Hi Crew, I know I’m late again. Mostly cos I didn’t feel to good these last couple of days. It felt like my energy levels were not has high as I thought they were and the hot weather really got under my skin. Plus my arm doesn’t cooperate as I want it to. It still hurts when I swim and when I tried to do some wall balls yesterday or hold kids at artistic cycling practice, my muscle spasmed and pain shot through my whole arm. When I made this Plan/schedule on Monday I thought I rested enough and would be able to use my arm to it’s full capacity again – oh how wrong I was. So I’m trying to stick to this schedule as much as my arm lets me. Hence I won’t do the whole swim schedule and today I didn’t go to Lacrosse practice. Though I am really proud cos I mostly stuck to the bike and running program.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 1.16.59 PM.png

Let’s hope I can get back on track with my swimming next week again. What’s your plan for this week? Do you have any competitions or races this weekend? I’m coaching the kids on Sunday so no race for me.

See you next week with new energy and a fresh mind set, right?


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