Monday Motivation #21

Good evening Crew! I got rid of my sling!!! Though my arm is still hurting a bit and quite blue I am free to start off easy with my training schedule.

The week has a big focus on running and, to get into the bike mood again, I’m training indoors to relieve some stress on my elbow. If everything goes according to plan I want to start Lacrosse on Friday with an easy practice, stoping when something hurts. Sunday is the first day I’m going to risk a pool session and riding outdoors after kind of a break on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 10.40.06 PM

Let’s hope my arm is willing to play along and it doesn’t hurt too much. What are you guys doing this week? Are you riding indoors as well even when it’s going to be around 30 degrees Celsius outside all week? I can’t wait to cool down in the pool on Sunday!

Cheers SaMy

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