May 2k18 Bullet Journal Flip Through

Hi Crew, so most of you probably don’t know this but I have been Bullet Journaling since 2015. Of course I’ve developed through the four years I’ve been doing this and one of the major changes was the switch from a standard A5 Notebook to a bigger A4 Notebook. I realised I just got so many different things that need to go into my Bullet Journal that I need more space. Especially since I started University.

My current Bullet Journal is almost done. I think I might be able to keep it until the End of June which would be Ideal because I started it in January this year and it would be like a first half/Volume 1 of 2018. If you want to see how I plan my second Volume/Second Bullet Journal of the Year leave a comment down bellow. I will gladly make a Flipthrough Video and Blog Post of my Yearly Pages. The Video for May will be uploaded to my Youtube Channel ThisIsSamy soon. You can click here once it is uploaded.

For May I have decided to go for a Universe/Star Theme because for once I saw it on Pinterest for April and I also felt a little bit lost in April and wanted to translate that feeling into doodles to connect with the world around me again. That probably doesn’t make any sense to anyone besides me but if it doesn’t it still turned out really nice.


I combined two themes I found on Pinterest (you can find all my inspirations on my Bullet Journal Board) and took the Planet from the Little Prince Illustrations. Quotes are always a must-have for me and usually I stick to quotes about the month but this time I decided to go with two similar ones related to the May theme.

The “Appointments and Events” Spread consists of the usual 4 categories into which I divide my Life: Personal, Sports, Work + Freelance and University. I try to keep this page simple because the main goal of this page is to not miss an appointment and have a clear view of the months plans.


I wasn’t sure how I could include the universe theme into this spread so I went with the colour that I associated most with it which was yellow. I drew the boarders and added the quote and the stars on the top right but I wasn’t sure what to do with the bottom because I thought that sticking a quote there would be boring. I saw AmandaRachLee do collages in her Bullet Journal and I instantly fell in love with it. Tough I haven’t done it in a while I decided to get a magazine for vacations on randomly cut out nice looking places. I also got some inspirations on how to incorporate quotes from Pinterest and added “You don’t have to know where you’re going. You just have to know that you’ll get there.” which I thought would go nicely with the Universe/Finding myself again theme.

The design of the next page has been the same since I started my current Bullet Journal. I like the original thought of a bullet journal that makes you focus on what’s ahead as well as review what’s behind. My goals for this month are probably a bit too challenging but I really want to move things ahead this month.


I added the stars tape on the top though I don’t know if I like it or not. For those of you who are not familiar with the rose and thorn principle: Rose is one really really good thing that happened throughout your day while thorn is the worst. I usually write both down with one colour but change the colour every day so I end up not exactly knowing which day what happened but that’s not really important to me. The goal behind this is mainly to reflect on the things that happen all day and to put them into perspective. I think it is really important to do that and on days when there is no thorn I feel very lucky and blessed.

This month I decided to add my weight and sleep tracker to my habit tracker because I always forgot to fill weight and sleep tracker out when it was in my weekly spread. I hope this makes things easier. I’m quite proud because I’ve been really consistent in filling it out the last couple of months and I feel like I have improved my habits a great deal.


The Time Log has been a good companion as well and proven itself to be quite valuable. I got a sense of which days of the week proof to be the most productive in which area of my activities and it is actually very interesting to see what I spend the most time doing in a week or month.

I don’t really like how my finances spread turned out. It was the first time I incorporated it into my bullet journal since the beginning of 2017. Mainly because I need to get a grip again and I’m working a lot of freelance jobs which I kind of need to keep track on. It looked so empty so I picked up the collage thing again (I had some images left over from the previous collage).


The Freelance Spread is pretty much just to write down thoughts, to do lists, mind maps or brain storming ideas so I’m not gonna divide it or anything; I’m using it as I go.

The University page works in much the same way though I might add a “homework” and or “assignment” section of some sort to it next month to keep better track of deadlines and things I really shouldn’t forget.


My Writing Log is basically just a table to which I keep adding rows of content as I go. I tried to keep those pages simple so I can focus on the content and keep it functional.Tough I have e to say that I love the pink tape in combination with the grey backdrop to my top row. It is the third month in a row I have done that.

I also stuck to the design of my “youtube and blog post schedule” and my “Monday Motivations” because I loved how they turned out last month – highly functional and quite pretty.


Both of those spreads are pretty self explanatory. I plan my Blog Posts and Videos on the right (under the white stripes) and my Sports, hence my Monday Motivations on the right.

For the past months (since I started this new bullet journal really) I decided to incorporate my sports journal as well. I first wanted to do it in the yearly section but thankfully decided against it and instead I’m keeping track of my sports and daily exercises in my monthly spreads.


When I finished with the “Just Did It” Page I noticed that I somehow forgot about my theme so I added some stars onto the “Daily Exercise and Strength Set” Title. I also added some new exercises and drew the needed accessories in front of them. (The round thing is supposed to be a ball…)

The next page is my first Weekly Spread of the month. I don’t plan out all the weeks at the beginning of the month but sit down every Sunday to go over my week. It gives me more space to add bullets, notes or doodles if I have a busy week and I don’t need to worry if I can fit everything in the space I left.


I used to have just one big row for each day but this month I changed it into the four columns I have at the Appointment Overview at the beginning of the month. It makes planning so much easier and it is a much cleaner way to keep track. I plan my days as I go so there is not much to see on that page.

I hope you liked this new segment of my Blog and YouTube Channel and I hope you got ideas for your own Bullet Journal. I would love to see some of your creations. You can tag me on Instagram (@thisissamy_whynot) and include the Hashtag #whynotbulletjournal. I am looking forward to seeing your spreads and ideas.

If you want to know more about the idea behind bullet journaling let me know and I will write a blog post about it. Until next time,


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  1. Brandon's Bullet Journal
    10. May 2018 at 7:33

    I love your cover page! Thanks for sharing!

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