Monday Motivation #18

Hello Crew and welcome to another week of Sports! The weather this week is expected to be phenomenal (except for a thunderstorm on Thursday and quite frankly a supposedly rainy weekend) and our local outdoor pool opens this week!

I’m going to be focusing primarily on Swimming this week to get back into training season for swimming as well. Though I have also dedicated quite some time for Biking as well, mostly because I started coaching the kids as well as continuing to coach the Juniors on the Bikes. With the improving weather and tan-lines it is so much more enjoyable to be outside these days so I am actually looking quite forward to this weeks training which I haven’t in a long time.

You will notice that this weeks efforts/sessions are shaped like a pyramid with Monday and Tuesday as well as Saturday being Recovery Days with less intensity and as for Saturday a focus on tempo variability and endurance. I had quite a tough session on the bike yesterday so I’m taking today and tomorrow to relax my muscles and regain my energy to build until Friday, activate on Saturday and release on Sunday, which is Game Day. Our last Game this season and hopefully we’ll win so we will stay on 4th place and don’t need to go into relegation.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 3.08.08 PM

There is a lot going on this week besides sports for me but since Thursday is a bank holiday I’m in good spirit that I will be able to pull this plan off. Plus I think I’m finally getting over this darn cold (after 3 weeks!!!)

Let me know what your plans for this week are and if you have any competitions this weekend. For those of you who don’t and do live near. Aachen – come to the game and cheer for Mainz Musketeers! We would very much appreciate it!

Let’s hope for a good week without injuries. And don’t forget to be good, do good and receive good!

Cheers, SaMy

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