Monday Motivation #14

Good Afternoon Crew!

As you can tell by the title I skipped quite a bit of numbers there. If we continue with the number of actually uploaded Monday Motivation there would be a 7 but I decided to go with the week of the Year. Much easier to look up and actually match with my other Social Media. I have also switched up the design a little bit for easier viewing and custom space.

It is finally Outdoor Season for Biking again which means more Bikerides in General but also longer ones with little to no program. I have also got a new bike which you already know if you follow me on Instagram. I will do a Bike-Check Type Video and Blog Post sometime this week.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.49.18 PM


My Focus this Week is split between Bike (Strength and Endurance) and Run (Time and Distance Intervals and Time Goals in General). KT means Kids Training by the way. Let me know if you like my Monday Motivation for this week and what your Training Schedule looks like in the comments.

Let’s get into the spring mood and stay motivated, shall we? And don’t forget: Be good, do good, receive good!



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