Season Planning 2018

Hi Crew, so I finally managed to re-film my Season Planning Video which I uploaded to YouTube yesterday. [This way to the Video]

Ever wondered how I plan my season? Click the “Continue Reading” Button bellow!

But why do I need to plan my season? Well, firstly I am participating in Lacrosse Games, do Triathlons and Bike Races and occasionally Running Competitions which means I need to coordinate all events and games. I need to know as well where I can fit in training camps or vacations.

I have some Goals for this season as well which are finishing my first Olympic Distance and running my first ever half marathon. For me to accomplish that, I need a training schedule which provides me with a structure to achieve different basics like speed, strength and endurance as well as technique or muscle endurance. My season planning is therefore the basis of my monthly, weekly and even daily schedule. This process of splitting the Season into different parts is called Periodisation (lower part of my sketch).


The first part is VP1 which means Preparation Period 1 where I dive into the very basics of the sport like a lot of technique training or basic endurance. It is also a time where I focus on distance rather than speed.

The second one VP2 (Preparation Period 2) is where I up the intensity of my sessions and at the same time build up speed and strength. This is where I have my first races of the season to evaluate where I am at right now and what I need to work with in the next period. Those “training competitions” are labelled as C-Races.

In VP3 (Preparation Period 3) I focus on competition basics like changing from one discipline to another and prepare for the big races. That means a lot of brick workouts. This period is the shortest one and the last one for preparation. I have my first B-Race scheduled during that period. B-Races are important races where I want to give it my best but not my season highlight so I won’t risk over-pacing or injuries.

WK stands for Competition Period and focuses on the highlight A-Race. I have three A-Races this season: ITU World Triathlon Hamburg, Citytriathlon Frankfurt (OD) and Challenge Walchsee in Austria. Those three are not only the Highlights of the Season but the most important ones result-wise, which means they have the highest priority. They are the peak of each Competition Period. Leading up to it though the intensity level of each session starts to drop with the beginning of this period which is called tapering, so you are ready and fit on day X.

What follows is the Transition Period (ÜP) where I focus on regeneration and gaining my strength back. Sometimes there is a B-Race or even a C-Race (mainly for training effect) right at the border to the next Competition Period. Those two switch a couple of times until the end of the season where you can take a break (or focus on the beginning of the Lacrosse Season) and restart the next season with VP1 again.


What I always do in the beginning is write down EVERYTHING. And with that I mean every game or every event you would possibly want to attend. My lacrosse games are nonnegotiable which means if a Triathlon falls on that day, the Lacrosse Game has priority. We play first division and only have a number of games but there are so many Triathlons out there every weekend, so I decided that a while ago to prioritise Games. After jotting everything down I cross off double days and weekends which basically means I decide which competition I’d like to do on a particular weekend. Then I cross off some more dates and organise everything so I don’t have too many Triathlons or Races a month which is where I divide the Triathlons into A, B and C Races as well. The last step for me (because I am a big visualiser) is to write everything down in a timeline just as I did with the picture above.

This is my Season with the Links to the Triathlons (T+Category-Race), Bike Races (B) and Running Competitions (R). Lacrosse Games (LAX) have one Link to the German Lacrosse Homepage here.


28.01.               T – C    DSW Swim & Run Darmstadt


11.03.               LAX     Frankfurt – Mainz


07.04.               LAX     Mainz – Köln                                                                                             

14.04.               LAX     Mainz – Düsseldorf                                                                                            

14.- 21-04.   TRAINING CAMP IGEA MARIA                                                                                 

28.04.               LAX     Münster – Mainz


01.05.             B          Frankfurt – Eschborn                                                                                    

06.05.             R          Charity Run Wiesbaden / Relay Marathon Mainz                                                                      

13.05.             LAX     Aachen – Mainz                                                                                               

20.05.             T – C    Short Track Triathlon Griesheim                                                               

27.05.             T – C    Goldener Hut Triathlon Schifferstadt


9./10.06.         LAX      Playoffs                                                                                                             

17.06.             T – B      Challenge Heilbronn                                                                                                                                                                

23./24.06.       LAX      Deutsche Meisterschaft


08.07.              B           Velothon Wales                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

14./15.07.        T – A    ITU World Triathlon Hamburg                                                                                                                                                                                                                

22.07.              T – B     Münster City Triathlon                                                                                                                                                              

31.07.               B          Bürstadt


05.08.               T – A    Frankfurt City Triathlon (Olympic Distance)                                                                                                                             

12.08.               T – C    Triathlon Lorsch                                                                                                                                                               

19.08.               B          Cyclassics Hamburg                                                                                    

26.08.               T – B    V-Card Triathlon Viernheim


02.09.               T – A   Challenge Walchsee                                                                                                

08.09.               R         Barmer Women’s Run München (10k)                                                                    

22.09.               R         Lampertheim (5k)                                                                                      

30.09.               R         Bürstädter Stadtlauf (10k)


03.10.               B         Münsterland Giro                                                                                               

07.10.               R         Marathon Cologne (1/2marathon)                                                              

14.10.               R         München Marathon (1/2marathon)

The Cologne Halfmarathon has a very very very big MAYBE behind it because I have the Giro just 5 day prior and I’m not sure if I’m able to run so shortly after giving my all at 160k.

What I don’t know as well is if I am able to register for all of those competitions because a lot of them involve quite a traveling effort which means a lot of expenses and I’m not even counting the registration fees.

Let’s see if I can pull this season off as I want to! I am looking forward to telling you about certain races and games and hope you enjoyed this (long) Season Planning post. If you want to know some things more detailed feel free to leave a comment and ask, I will do a several post about it. I am happy to answer your questions, so feel free to comment.

Have fun and remember: Be Good, do good, receive good!

Cheers, SaMy

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