Monday Motivation #2

Hey there 🙂 long time no see with the Monday motivations right? But it’s Christmas week and there will be cookies and so much food involved – we better get to it!

SO without further ado here goes nothing:

Calendar Week 50: 18th December – 24th December 

Focus: Run

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.23.10 PM

Monday will be quite stressful for me and I won’t have time to run in the morning and running in the evening after practice is kind of pointless which is why I’m doing a bike session instead.

You may wonder why I put the focus on running this week, but if you look at the Lacrosse and the running section together you see there’s more running than expected. I may do a Tempo/Sprint Session in the stadium on Tuesday – depending on how much time I need for work and Christmas Presents.

Let me know what you are doing this week and as always – listen to your body! When I feel like my body and my muscles need a break I don’t do a session even if it’s on the schedule. We can’t always influence how much work or stress we have, so taking my 20 min yoga and meditation in the morning to listen to my body helps me decide if it is healthy and will have a training effect.

Have fun and enjoy your week 🙂



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