Motivation #1

I am afraid to fail. I am afraid to fail in every aspect of my life. As an athlete you strive for success and learn to work hard for it from a very early age on. But what if it’s not enough? What if the voices that hunt you day and night are right? What if you’ve reached your limit and from now it is only down?  Is that really all you got? Everything you have worked for in your whole life that lead to where you are in this very moment and now you just want to give up?

No! You fight for it. You get your gear in action and you MOVE FORWARD! You’ll work twice as hard as everyone else and as you did before. You’re gonna climb every hill, every mountain, every range there is. You’re gonna swim through every torrent stream, run through every violent fire and when you’re done you’re gonna do it all over again. Because what you think you can achieve and what you actually can achieve are two different cups of tea!

When you feel at your worst, suck it in, buckle up, and let it go in one big scream as it initiates a new beginning. When you’re down there is only one way up! And I promise you there will be downs. Hell of a lot of them. But every time you climb up and make your way out of the hole someone threw you in, you get stronger. Braver. Tougher. And suddenly the holes don’t seem so deep anymore and you start to realise that you are finally flying!

All burdens will lift off your shoulder and at first you will start spinning, rotating towards the sky, blissfully unaware of the high that is to come. You will find strength in your achievements once you realise how much you accomplished through persistence and you will fly steady when the utter realisation hits you that all the pain, all the setbacks, all the struggle, the aches, the falls – everything was worth it! And you can push yourself beyond the limitations you set yourself, beyond what everyone expects you to be limited to. You are limitless!

Once you understand that, there is nothing you can’t do. Can’t won’t exist anymore. From now on it is “I CAN” and “I WILL”. End of story.

You are only afraid to fail because nobody told you that no matter how many times you fall, as long as you keep going you can do whatever you want to. But it won’t come to you just because you ask for it. You will have to keep pushing yourself and stop worrying.

Because I am telling you: Don’t be afraid to fail! Failure is life’s natural selection process of moving forward and as long as you don’t stop you will never be able to fail truly! You will be flying, soaring in the sky, limitless and free to be. So go out there and no matter how many times it may take – you WILL be up there one day. I promise! Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to fail!

Inspired by three of my teammates (Marlene, Caro and Jara). Thank you for helping me to push myself and for motivating me to keep going. Thank you for being absolute role models and wonderful people to reach out to! I owe you guys big time!

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