Screaming ideas

On days like today – when Ideas keep buzzing into your head like a class of screaming children – you feel as though 24 hours are not enough. I can’t sleep cos every time I try to think of something to dream me to sleep, my thoughts drift off to some idea for a youtube video or a new chapter I want to write, a plot twist or lyrics to a song I need to write RIGHT NOW!

But sleep is overrated is it?

I mean there are so many ways to be creative. First and foremost this blog that -right now- is a perfect way to “practice” writing on a daily basis. But considering I want to put myself out there not for the sake of being a public figure/influencer or whatever you want to call it but rather for sharing my creativity with others and inspiring them to follow their own path of creativity, writing a blog and doing nothing else Social Media wise would be a waste of time – probably.

But balancing Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and a Blog with daily life takes some time getting used to – even more so when you are writing books apart from that. But I am getting used to it. Since I dropped almost all of my English Classes starting this week (cos I don’t get credits for my degree and it is boring as hell) I am trying to arrange a regular Social Media Schedule – which I meant to be doing for quite a while now – to maintain a posting schedule and get used to regular uploads. Maybe it will help me balance the workload I put on myself all the time and transport me to a point where I am a reliable and most of all more organised person in hindsight of Social Media Presence.

I would love to follow every single Idea that comes to my mind but for now I need to learn how to hold back some until I build a bit of a Profile and focus on the things I want to achieve right now. Which is posting on this Blog on a regular basis.

Dividing my Big Goal into small steps helped me on so many levels and for the first time I’m starting to feel that I might someday get on top of it.


But now I need to get off this train and see my lovely Pekka Button and my Auntie <3. Family and Friends ALWAYS take priority – sorry guys.

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