Another day in Paradise

Today was hell. But only the part were I studied and prepared a big presentation for 6 hours straight with only bathroom breaks and one quick KitKat delight.

Other than that I feel very blessed!

I am surrounded by friends, family and an awesome Lacrosse Team who make me laugh and run and motivate me until I am lying on the floor breathless and red as a tomato but content within myself more than I had been for quite a while. I finally feel inspired to write again on a daily basis and to do better with my studies. My body feels better than it has the last 6 months due to regular exercise and healthier food. I am gaining discipline and focus while at the same time I am having more fun and laughs with people I enjoy being surrounded by.

I was always working on becoming a better version of myself but since I am studying it is actually working for maybe the first time in quite a while. I feel like I found quite a good balance between studying, working, writing, being creative and exercising and not to forget having fun nights out with people I am proud to call my friends and inspirations. Spending so much time with them it makes me want to scream of happiness and strive to be a better human, a better player, a better me.

For two weeks now I am eating regularly and healthy (with the exception of the study related sugar-needing KitKat break of course). Drinking mostly water or sugar free tea and the much needed coffee in the morning (without sugar or milk) my body started to clean itself of bad stuff. I try to drink up to 3 litres a day of plain water to hydrate and stay clear minded. My sleeping pattern is much more regular now and even though I sometimes have only 6 hours of sleep I feel well rested and ready for a new day in the morning.

Now I just need to learn to give my body a break from time to time and slowly accustom it to more exercise and tougher practices. But you know me – I am a stubborn idiot who is way to ambitious to listen so I will probably fall a couple of times more before I finally listen to what Marlene, Caro and Jara are saying: Give it time and it will come to you.

But for now I am contend within myself cos todays practice was awesome!

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