Lacrosse and Wonder Woman

As of this semester I started playing Lacrosse in our university training. I have played before but not as “professional”. I went for my first practice last week and I have to say – I met some of the nicest people and had so much fun! Leo I already knew before but it was good to reconnect nonetheless!

I just realised how much you can miss people you feel very close to and how much I changed as a person in that one year Leo and I didn’t see each other. For once I am thankful for Snapchat and social Media – otherwise I would not have known that we are attending the same University!


Teaching those kids now I tend to look back more often on how I started out

But back to Lacrosse now. In yesterdays practice I felt very safe and secure and as I was dying from an asthma attack I asked three of the girls from the Musketeers (our prime Women’s team) whether there are any restrictions for getting into the team. Lucky for me there are none, so as of this week I am going to practice with the Musketeers – YAY!!!!

BUT there is a downside to it. Practice is Friday evening which means I can’t attend the Artistic Cycling Practice anymore and therefore not train the kids. I probably won’t be able to attend Gymnastics Practice as well which makes me really really sad.

Because I can’t be Wonder Woman I have to choose between two things I love which is really hard most of the times. Which sport is more important to me right now? Will I regret choosing one over the other? Is there ANY way to do both?

I have no answer to those questions yet, but I realise I can’t always have my way and do both either. I still, up to this second writing this, do not know how I am going to decide. Probably Lacrosse though mainly because it is a whole lot of fun and there is a very very smart and good looking girl I fancy (don’t judge!). But I’m trying to rush back home to do Gymnastics anyway – even if I will probably be late all the time. Next semester I am going to have to figure out whether to continue with choir on Wednesdays or if I am going to go to Lacrosse practice. But that is next years decision. Now I am going to listen to my lecture again and later, when I am home, I am going to play some Wallballs before going to Artistic Cycling and Stability Practice this evening.



PS: Head over and go like our team on Facebook!

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