New to a lot of things

Hello there. One of my first blog posts and it is all about being new to stuff. New to this blog, new to university and finally new, as well as late to my next class. But that is alright because it is Friday and my first week – so not as much important information. If you are wondering though it is about working as Journalist so I’m not even off Topic writing this – am I?

I have not really grasped yet that I am finally and unmistakably a student and in my first semester even though I’ve got my Starbucks coffee (pumpkin spice latte of course), my MacBook, the very big scarf around my neck and the “casual walk around campus looking quite busy doing nothing” on fleek this week. I even bothered to put some make up on my face – mostly to look a little more alive since I’m currently surviving on 5 hours of sleep a night. But its supposed to be like that I guess – being a student.

Things I have learned so far:

  • Being late does not mean anything and nobody really cares as long as you slip in your seat quietly and do not disturb anyone
  • Hiding behind a Laptop is very convenient in terms of sleeping and relaxing the brain but at the same time really really stupid regarding all the extra work you are putting on your to do list going through the script again, realising that the professor might have said something that might be important for the exams but seems to be nowhere in the skript
  • Journalism is quite interesting and exactly what I want to do
  • English can be either really boring and easy or totally exhausting and difficult (try a romantic literature lecture when the people around you talk like they just finished their literature degree in Eaton or Harvard or some other “fancywordusing” school…)
  • Breaks are healthy but most of the times only used for Netflix and food
  • Connecting with people is hard, especially when you are not necessarily like everyone else
  • Most professors are surprisingly really nice and are keen to help you out
  • Don’t eat in the cafeteria between 12 and 3… you’re never gonna get a seat and you’ll need to wait for an hour in the line
  • Never ever eat in the cafeteria. The food is okay and does not taste bad but you will have to visit the loo every 10 minutes
  • Campus is BIG! And those room numbers are complicated. Plan for some time to get there and prepare to search for an office for half an hour

In conclusion I do not think that I got used to the whole adult thing and the-being-a-responsible-human-for-once-with-good-time-management yet. But I will model through it and starting next week I will try to work out a system for regular social media presence and studying time. Not to forget the whole travel planing with always late trains and trams and buses that decide not to show up at all. And of course next week is another “special” week because I am at least trying to take the sports exam which I will fail anyway because I’ve been injured for the past couple of weeks. But a thing I will definitely be looking forward to next week is the start of the University Choir project which I got in with my very good friend Leo! We are going to reherse “Paulus” by Mendelsohn and this time I am going to join Leo in the Alto Department instead of Soprano because I did not sing for quite a while now and everything above a high F is just out of sight right now. And I am also down on a quite nasty cold which does not make things easier for everything.

I am still quite excited where this university road takes me, but for now I am very much looking forward to doing close to nothing this weekend. Maybe some sports – maybe not. Definitely spending time with my brother who is home for the weekend and with the rest of my family whom I have neglected a little bit this week. For now enjoy your weekend and have a good start into the next week!




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