Monday Motivation #14

Good Afternoon Crew!

As you can tell by the title I skipped quite a bit of numbers there. If we continue with the number of actually uploaded Monday Motivation there would be a 7 but I decided to go with the week of the Year. Much easier to look up and actually match with my other Social Media. I have also switched up the design a little bit for easier viewing and custom space.

It is finally Outdoor Season for Biking again which means more Bikerides in General but also longer ones with little to no program. I have also got a new bike which you already know if you follow me on Instagram. I will do a Bike-Check Type Video and Blog Post sometime this week.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.49.18 PM


My Focus this Week is split between Bike (Strength and Endurance) and Run (Time and Distance Intervals and Time Goals in General). KT means Kids Training by the way. Let me know if you like my Monday Motivation for this week and what your Training Schedule looks like in the comments.

Let’s get into the spring mood and stay motivated, shall we? And don’t forget: Be good, do good, receive good!



Monday Motivation #6

Hi Crew,

long time no see, eh? If you have read the last blog post, you know that I have struggled quite a lot those past couple of weeks. But I finally feel like it’s going uphill again. Maybe I just needed that time to figure things out but now I’m back on track and – knock on wood – I plan for it to stay that way. So here is this weeks plan, though a little late due to problems with my computer (It just didn’t want to upload…)

Calendar Week 11: 12th – 18th March 2018

Focus: Lacrosse/Endurance

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 9.54.33 PM

This week I’ll be focusing on my Lacrosse skills and getting back outdoors with the bike. I will also have my very first Swim this year. Maybe I’ll put in a second one on Sunday, depending on my general feeling.

Let me know what your week will look like and how you season is working out so far.

Have a good one and don’t forget: Be good, do good, receive good!


Handling Injuries and Illness – or not

The first months of the year have been full of injuries and illness and to be honest I am quite frustrated. Sometimes I feel like I’m cursed or something because I want it so badly and I can’t do anything (or in this case enough) about it. I haven’t really been the best with handling injuries and illness so I am in no position to tell you the perfect Plan X – how to do it. I’m just sharing how I got through it or actually to be more accurate, how I am getting through it.

The New Year started with an injured wrist from December. The ligaments were inflamed and every little movement hurt. I still don’t know how I managed to hurt in the first place but I’m guessing playing Guitar, Piano and Cello more than usual didn’t do it any good and since I needed to study a lot for exams I started switching hands a lot while writing (I’m a bothie ;P). So swimming was out of the picture for at last two months, which really sucked. Remember a time you couldn’t do something and therefore wanted it even more, like right in this second? That is exactly how I feel every time I’m injured or ill and I need to take a break. I want it so badly that I make tons of plans for when I actually can execute them but on the end it is too much all at once and I am back at the beginning again or hurt which leaves me even more frustrated. Wanting too much all at once has always been a bad habit of mine but when it comes to handling injuries and illness I’m probably the most stubborn person on this planet!


Bringing the later in consideration, January was a dark moth for me. Coming down with the flu (or part of it) I had quite the high fever for two weeks and making matters worse I had to study even more in order to not fail the exams in the first February week. SO when I wasn’t bed-bound I was desk-bound which meant I couldn’t train though my body was ready again.

After the exams a different problem occurred. I was so exhausted but I tried to overcompensate all the missed time with 3 sessions a day, thus something was bound to go wrong. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not stupid, I know that you can’t overcompensate and need to heal first and afterwards take it slow and rebuild your strength or you will have a setback. But I had another, far more important exam coming up on the 15th – the Sports exam in Koblenz and quite frankly I was overwhelmed with fear of failing it. I so badly wanted to pass that I yet again injured myself in the process. Suddenly my right heel hurt so much I could barely walk. A case of beginning calcaneal spur forced me to slow down yet again. My physiotherapist and my mom (who is an alternative practitioner/traditional healer) managed to make it much better so on the day after Valentine’s I was able to participate. That being said it was no surprise that I didn’t pass, though I feel like I wouldn’t have passed anyway, but that is a story for another day. I’m going to try again though in summer and I am certain the third time’s the charm – right?


After I got back from Koblenz all I wanted to do was relax for just a weekend, just enjoying my time not being sick, injured or studying/working, but than I came down with another flu. That was three weeks ago on Friday. The weekend, Monday and Tuesday were spend in bed, trying to sleep myself healthy with steam baths and hot baths to sweat out the sick. Because we’re having a Lacrosse game this Sunday and due to the January and February “incidents” I haven’t been to a single practice in 2018 which is/was not only frustrating but an utter pain in the ass. So Wednesday I decided to go to practice anyway, ignoring the death cough and the runny nose. Not my best decision but somehow I felt a lot better on Thursday. In fact I felt so good, I went to the running session with my mom and even muddled through it with barely a cough. On Friday I felt like I was born again in with a lot of enthusiasm made my way to Mainz for the next Lacrosse practice. To my dismay the German train system kept me from ever arriving at my destination so instead I got on my bike and had a good 45 minutes indoor session.

I felt like I’m finally out of that nasty spiral and then it hit me, literally. I wasn’t concentrated and managed to get my face in the place of my stick. My nose hurt but I didn’t mind. Monday night I had a really bad nosebleed that didn’t want to stop and Tuesday morning I couldn’t breath properly and had a headache and a dull pressure behind my eyes. I thought it would be saver to visit the doctor, so after the CT he ordered it was official – my nose was broken. Though I have to say that I was slightly irritated that there was barely any swelling visible and almost no bruising at all. I never bruise easily in my face but seeing nothing when your nose is broken is just weird. Anyway I won’t let that stop me. I might not go swimming for a while but I went to practice Wednesday, yesterday and have every intention of going today.


I don’t know what to tell you how you should handle your frustration because I am really bad at it and get frustrated and irritated quite easily. My mom always says it is important to heal first and go slowly and rebuild your strength step by step, little by little. For the frustration part I tried a new strategy lately: Don’t watch others do sports (on youtube, instagram or other social media). Read a book instead and avoid reading about others success or progress. Focus on yourself and if you can’t help it and do come across others stories try and channel the envy and frustration into setting goals for yourself. But keep them realistic, otherwise you will get even more frustrated when you fail them. Looking back on all the time I have been ill or injured these past months I came to think of them as re-centring/re-focusing period, to find myself and my motivation again – trying to come out of it with as much motivation and drive as when I couldn’t do a single thing.

Channel my energy on healing instead of thinking of all the things and sports I could be doing. It is by no means easy but I guess it is kind of the only way to stay in the game. Dealing with this huge setback only made me more determined to get healthy for good and also caused me to change down my goals and aims for the upcoming season. Mainly because I don’t want to be disappointed when I set my goals to high. If I reach them anyway – even better! But if I don’t I won’t break down.


What I learned from this illness and injury spiral is that it really doesn’t matter how long you need to achieve your goals. Live happens and therefore injury and sickness is just a part of the process (though a nasty one). You can’t plan anything with 100% certainty and you can’t expect everything to work out perfectly. Sometimes life forces you to take a step back and listen to your body. I need to remind myself of that every day. There is a reason for everything and someday we will understand it. For the time being I am focusing on getting back into my rhythm and just do the things that are important to me – as long as I listen to my body and what it is telling me.



Monday Motivation #5

Hi Crew, after a week of ups and downs health wise I am finally back to normal. I’m over the flu and started with Lacrosse practice on Friday two days later than I wanted to. I felt like an absolute rookie again because I had no endurance whatsoever left and couldn’t catch a ball for the life of me because my new stringing is not yet broken in. It was fun nonetheless and I was really glad to be out on the field again. Sunday I decide against the long run and actually did my 1k Intervalls which I didn’t do on Thursday plus one more – faster than I expected them to be.

As for next week I am actually planning a though one because I decided against the Swim and Run in Darmstadt so I can go to the first Artistic Cycling competition of the kids on Sunday. I couldn’t swim for the last couple of weeks due to my hand injury and the change from indoor swimming pool to outdoor running just 30mins apart wouldn’t be the best idea for my lounge anyway.

So here is my week:

Calendar Week 4: 22nd January – 28th January

Focus: Run/Bike – Endurance

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.18.01 PM.png

If you have any questions or want to know more details as always feel free to ask in the comments or contact me. Let me know what you are doing this week and if you ever had to cancel a competition.

Be good, do good, receive good.

Cheers 🙂 SaMy

Monday Motivation #4

Hey Crew, how are you all doing? I’ve been sick for the entirety of last week and therefore couldn’t do anything. I’m getting a bit better now so I’ll start with a slower week and increase the exposure throughout, depending on my general feeling and condition.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 7.33.17 PM.png

I hope you all have a better week and stay healthy. Remember to take a break when your body needs it and don’t power through even though you are ill. You will get the opposite effect and possibly harm your body. So be considerate and as always – be good, do good, receive good.

Cheers, SaMy

New Years Resolutions 2018

Good afternoon! It is the second day of the New Year and I have spend some time setting some goals and some resolutions for myself. I tried to reflect on what I achieved the past year and set reasonable targets so I will actually be able to accomplish them. I have made a Video on my YouTube Channel as well where I talk about all of these 18 points in detail. So if you want to know more about them go head over to youtube where I explain them further.

So here are the things I will try to accomplish in 2018:

  1. read 40 books2
  2. visit 3 new countries
  3. do a writing holiday without the phone for a week
  4. finish the current book project & send it out to publishers
  5. make 150 videos on both YouTube channels
  6. get a grip at University/get good grades and be the best I can be
  7. (finally) get my drivers licence
  8. get 4 of the tattoos I have planned the past 2 years
  9. get in better shape physically and mentally
  10. run a half marathon
  11. finish my first Olympic Distance
  12. save money for traveling
  13. make more music
  14. be more efficient and reliable
  15. live more sustainable
  16. no social media/phone in bed
  17. be myself
  18. spend more time with my family

So those are my goals. Not too ambitious (except one or two maybe) and focused a lot on my sports and career. But I think I have done a good job this year evaluating where I am right now and where I want to go this year.

Let me know what you think about these resolutions and what your own plans and goals for 2018 are. Don’t forget to be good, do good and receive good.

Cheers, SaMy