We dream our dreams and sometimes they take us places we never anticipate. But they are our dreams, and we go where they lead.  – Tess Gerritsen

Welcome, dear Reader! Welcome to my happy place, where I let of creative steam or just vent about what bothers me at the moment, share the struggles of a University Student, sports, theatre, friendship, family and physical as well as mental health. Though the content might not always be positive I wish this to be a positive and safe zone, where everyone is welcome to stay.

Since this is highly personal I don’t have a general topic for you guys so what’ll come up will come up. As to the choice of Name – Why Not has been a motto of mine since I was in my teens because a lot of people seem to take the safe side with things or tell me I can’t do stuff. So my answer is always: Why Not? And since my last name means eternity in English it only seemed fitting to ask myself – Why Not Eternity?

Got it? Great! Let’s move on! If you’re looking for my blog/ info anything else I highly recommend the self-explanatory navigations menu at the top. In case you have questions or want to contact me otherwise go to the contacts page. You’ll also find all the socials on that page. 

Have fun!


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